Hey I’m doing home brew courses! Well me no teacher, but yes I do, and what did I learn from it?

Last Thursday I held a home brewing course/session for two, well actually my daughters floor ball trainer and his friend, dudes. They where interested in getting going with home brewing but was unsure about the process and what they needed to buy. So I held a brewing session where we focused on minimal equipment and not making things to difficult, just to find out what they actually needed.

The interesting whit this except from them leaving my house with a a smile on their face and a 3o lithe fermentor in their hands is that I got a good look into my own process trough their eyes and questions. Things that I have been doing almost in reflex during my brews, why am I doing them in that way. Many things was easy to explain, but today I brewed a new batch by my self again, on an old recipe I have brewed many times before,  and tried to change two small things during the process. And to be honest this was the most efficient brew I ever had I think, and got really spot on with efficiency  and OG. This is interesting and will now call for rebuilding some parts of my brewing equipment. This is exactly what I love about home brewing (except from being able to make awesomely good and great beer). The testing and elaboration and always learning something new from unexpected happenings.

Next time it is failure story time, I think.


Got these beers from the Swedish fjelds as a gift from my good students :), with KGB inspiration.


Going basic with minimal equipment. Right now we are taking pre-boil gravity measurements.

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