The Wurstbeer, a dedicated event beer

This is a look back to last summer, a couple of DJ friends of mine decided to trow 2 events under the name Summerwurst. The reason Whny, well there is the Summeburst festival in Stockholm that is a major big time mainstream house festival. This is the counterpart, a small size barbecue style music party under a bridge. Also Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision probably helped a little also. But that is only a guess from my side, well backed up by data but still a guess.

Anyhow, unfortunately I missed the first event but for the second one I brewed a special event beer, Called Wurstbeer of course! Well to be hones I suck at being a DJ, but is quite good at brewing so this was my contribution to the event. It seems that it was appreciated by the visitors and I hope to brew some dedicated beers for this summer also ;), by all meas I have cultivated a wild yeast from the party place that should not e wasted.  Below are some pictures from the event and links to the artists ant their different constellations. If I missed someone, please give me a hint and I’ll add you.

Miss Cmy can also be found as a part of Reverbal Sign.
Gujo AKA Johan G can also be found as a part of Motormännen
Erland Marckworth can also be found as a part of Reverbal Sign.
Dan Törnqvist that is a  part of Motormännen and Reverbal Sign.



Miklo and Wurstbeer!


The Tranebergsbron.


Erland relaxing by the deck with Wurstbeer.


Dan with a to long distance to his Wurstbeer.


Johan G with wind in his hair and, of course Wurstbeer!


Miss CMY, Slightly distracted by Miklo, and yes you know it…. Wurstbeer!


And time becomes a loop. With tag removed, but who cares we have Wurstbeer!!


Max_l all the way from France, that is requiring a double Wurstbeer!


Sie gibt, haben Sie schon Ihre tägliche wursbeer ?


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