And Belgoträffen 2016 went really well.

Ok, so I have been a little slow posting this since my last post about going to Belgoträffen 2016. And it turned out that I did good at the competition coming home with the gold medal in the light class (beers bellow 8 vol %). In a tough competition this year because there where many really good brews in the lineup this year also. This year it was 42 beers in the light class and 49 in the heavy and that is an amazing number for this homebrew event. In the peoples choice my beers did less goog than last year ending upp in place 24 and 25 in the light class and 19 in the heavy. But one of the reasons for that could bee that I did run out of all of my ~57 litres of beer in under 3 hours leaving me with no beer to serve for half of the voting time roughly.


Running out of Abbey 12 Zombie of Hops



Running out of White Wedding of Hops.



Running out of Black Pepper Blonde Zombie of Hops

And the judges comets where as follows:

”GULD Brygd nr 111 Black Pepper Blonde Zombie of Hops, Blonde bryggd av Scandinavian Zombie Brewery, Emil Hillung
Motivering: En len blondin med former på alla de rätta ställena. Med en elegant frisk och exotisk kryddighet som kompletterar grundölet på ett förföriskt sätt så slog den knock på motståndet. En blonde med extra allt.”

And in English:

”GOLD Brew No. 111 Black Pepper Blonde Zombie of Hops , A blonde brew by Scandinavian Zombie Brewery , Emil Hillung
Justification : A smooth blonde with forms in all the right places. With a elegantly fresh and exotic spiciness that complement the base beer in a seductive way, it hits a knock out on the competition. A blonde with extra everything .”



The wining beer, it is a lovely creation if you ask me :).

So what did I win? Beside the honor and happiness of winning I got a 19 keg, malt, yeast and coffee beans (thinking of using those for a beer for next years event). I also will have the opportunity to get some of my beers analysed at Slotskällan brewery and also visit them an take part of a when they brew one of their beers. But I also gets to brew my wining beer att Monks Cafe in Stockholm and they will serve it in their bar there on tap! And that i pretty amazing to be able to have my beer on tap there. So on the 8th of March I’ll be going there brewing the beer with them, and I’ll let you all know when it is available at their bar ;-).



Set up with my slim rig at the event.



My zombie lego figures are there with me supporting me.



The pile of my wining lot.


belgoträffen 2016 vinnare

The medal winners in the light class. Al happy faces. Photo: Anders Wahlgren


2 Responses to And Belgoträffen 2016 went really well.

  1. Ulf Sundin februari 2, 2017 at 12:42 #

    Gillade ölen ”Trippel karameller” som ni hade på Belgoträffen!
    Slänger man i karamellerna hela eller krossade?

    • Emil Hillung
      Emil Hillung februari 4, 2017 at 07:35 #

      Jag hade i dem hela. Inte alla på en gång och rörde under tiden. Blir lätt en seg massa av dem så krossar du kan de säkert lösas upp lättare. Och kul att du gillade ölen, kommer inlägg om Belgoträffen 2017 förr eller senare också :).


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