T-shirts is now available!

I have been asked a fev times when I have used my nifty nice brewery T-shirt where one can buy that beautiful piece of clothes. Even though I have had a Spreadshirt shop open a long time I have for several reasons not announced it.
But now it is time!

So now I have entered a few more designs into the shop, and it is integrated with this site so you can find the page in the top menu! Using Spreadshirt don’t make it the cheapest shirts, but also I don’t need to have a stock of sizes in my garage and I can have both male and female cuts available, also something that I have picked up as a request. But it’s something to start with and a tiny bit of the revenue also goes my way so there can be more shirts and beer in the future. And if you fell a design is missing, just, let me know and I shall see if I can get it into the shop. So if you are interested, feel free to visit the shop and buy a nice T-shirt for that special event you are going to, or why not a new coffee mug for the office.

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